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Committed to giving clients the best and most personable service in the market.

The owners of M.D. Appliance Installation Ottawa are very much hands-on with the business. From dealing with clients to carrying out the actual tasks, they take full responsibility for all the transactions in the company. We take pride in being able to offer 'Big Company Feel" while still offering "Small Company Service." We are your dedicated appliance installation service for the Ottawa area.

With more than ten years of combined experience in the industry, we know that great customer service is one of the most crucial factors that a business needs to thrive. Hence, we always see to it that all your concerns and requests are addressed promptly and accurately. 

Our Team

Your Appliance Installation Specialists

Michael Cyr


Co-Owner/Co-Founder of M.D. Appliance Installation Ottawa

Maddie Rothwell

Office/Customer Care Manager

Head of our Office & Administration/ Customer Care & Lovely wife to Michael Cyr

Humble Beginnings

Devon and Michael have been working together for a number of years now, off & on. From the beginning working together at Leon's Furniture where Michael and Devon both started in warehousing, moving product and picking orders.

Both being quite adaptive and thriving to learn, they headed towards management and enjoyed their hard earned promotions to Warehouse Supervisor early on in their careers at Leon's.

From there Devon moved on the become the Warehouse Manager and Michael went out on the road and ran his own delivery truck.

As time would go by, they both ended up moving on from Leon's as they both wanted more.

Devon ended up getting picked up by a small business called Canadian Appliance Source, who was just starting to expand out of the GTA.

It was then that Michael was in a bit of a tough situation and ran into Devon at a Canadian Tire, (of all places) who offered him an opportunity with CAS. At first he shot it down because he didn't really want to get back into the delivery business. However, he reluctantly gave in and took the job as Devon's partner delivering appliances for CAS.

As they both got more and more product knowledge and more familiarity with the products they were delivering they eventually decided to take a stab at the Installation side of things, Something that they were not too familiar with.

They did this for a couple of years part time as Michael continued to work for CAS and Devon went on to get more experience in the Appliance Installation world, which led to him ultimately getting his Gas License.

In the fall of 2017, it was then that the two of them decided that going into business for themselves was something that intrigued them and they wanted to pursue. Both being a bit nervous at first to become full time entrepreneurs, they dove right in and have yet to look back.

There is a great amount of respect between these two partners, and due to that and their ability to persevere, they should continue to enjoy their achievements and success, and thrive in the industry that has yet to take off.

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